Month: January 2013

Agents, Managers, and Producers: What Writers Need To Know

Another revelatory selection from John Truby’s THE ANATOMY OF STORY and in the feature segment, Adam tackles what new and unrepresented screenwriters need to know about Literary Agents, Managers, and Producers. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:20 — 25.4MB) |...

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Excision: A Nasty (and Underdeveloped) Piece of Work

The poster is gorgeous. The trailer is visually stunning. But while EXCISION features some terrific performances and above average production values, the screenplay is essentially a first draft. That’s a shame because the talent involved (including the writer/director) is spectacular. EXCISION follows Pauline, a demented high school student who lures a jock classmate into taking her virginity. What follows is a meandering plot where Pauline acts out in varying degrees of anti-social behavior towards her mother, priest, and classmates before losing her mind. (SPOILER AHEAD!) She finally kills a neighbor girl to give her ill younger sister a lung...

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Twitter Conflict Examined Plus Adam’s Take on Script Consulting

Adam breaks down a Twitter conflict and discusses what it’s like to be a script consultant, plus he talks the horror movie EXCISION, points out his favorite feature on John August’s website, and explains why reading pro-level unproduced screenplays helps new writers. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 49:02 — 44.9MB) |...

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2012 Blacklist Scripts Plus Straw Dogs 2011 Analysis!

Adam talks the 2012 Blacklist scripts he’s been reading, including the Denzel Washington project THE EQUALIZER, the Zodiac-inspired A COUNTRY OF STRANGERS, as well as two promising projects that made the list but need further development. Adam explains why 90 page scripts don’t work, then analyzes the first five minutes of 2011’s STRAW DOGS, which is packed with great imagery relating to the film’s theme. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:15 — 30.4MB) |...

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Ben Affleck’s Upcoming LIVE BY NIGHT – Comment Summary

Producers send me books to evaluate, usually months or even a year before the manuscript hits bookstores. This kind of report is held in the strictest confidence, I’m not even allowed to tell anyone that I’ve seen a particular book. The risk if word got out that a  producer is reviewing the material, it could blow their exclusive window. An agency isn’t going to keep that submission exclusive if other producers start calling up and asking for it. In any case, over a year has passed, a studio has bought the rights and the book is published and avail...

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