Month: February 2013

Interview: Michael Darrow, Editor of SOME GIRLS

Where is the crossover between screenwriting and editing? Can independent filmmakers from around the world work with an LA based editor on their movies?  In this episode, Adam talks with Michael Darrow, editor of the upcoming film SOME GIRLS directed by Daisy Mayer and written by Neil LaBute. Plus, Adam’s worst experience ever in a movie theater. Adam’s Note: During the episode, I discuss the worst experience I’ve ever had in a movie theater which happened to be edited by interview guest. To clarify, my reaction was not to the film itself. I’m not saying I hate this movie...

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When Is Voice-Over Narration Appropriate?

What is the single most effective way you can stay on top of Hollywood’s film and television output? Adam answers that question, tackles other issues such as a screenwriter’s role once the script is sold. Also, when is voice-over narration acceptable? Plus, screenwriting lessons learned from YOUNG ADULT, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, DON JUAN DeMARCO and JENNIFER’S BODY. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 50:34 — 46.3MB) |...

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Writing Great Loglines

Adam covers loglines. What makes a logline work? Here, he covers some traditional criteria, provides his additional advice on the subject, and gives feedback to listener submitted loglines. (Note, the awful logline discussed near the end has been confirmed to be a joke!) Play in new window | Download (Duration: 58:46 — 53.8MB) |...

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Will Hollywood Steal My Idea? And Other Listener Questions….

  A grab bag episode: Adam tackles screenwriting questions from the audience. He picks favorite topics from the “Lightning Round” section of The Starter Screenplay including where you should register your screenplay and the frequently asked  “Will Hollywood try to steal my idea?” Play in new window | Download (Duration: 52:34 — 48.1MB) |...

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Step Up – A Breakdown

For my screenwriting class, Tom DeMar is working on a dance movie concept and I asked him to look at a successful title in the genre and do a breakdown. He did such a nice job with STEP UP that I’m sharing it here. Doing beat sheets  of movies that work is the best way to figure out the various elements necessary in order to craft your own concept. It also gives you an appreciation of movies that critics describe as “by the numbers”. In order to write a screenplay that works, you’ve got to figure out exactly what...

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