Month: April 2014

GRAND BUDAPEST Framing and Screenwriting Tricks in GOD’S NOT DEAD

Adam talks about the quadruple framing device in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, discusses the hero’s perspective in terms of SABOTAGE, and reveals the screenwriting tricks that made GOD’S NOT DEAD the top indie hit of 2014. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:48 — 13.2MB) |...

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My favorite podcast, How Did This Get Made, finally did an episode centered on COLOR OF NIGHT. Since I’d studied the film from an academic perspective, I looked forward to hearing thoughts how the film held up (or didn’t) from some great comedian/screenwriters. Unfortunately, the entire panel watched the film on iTunes, which through an accident of distribution is providing the critically maligned “producers cut” of the film. That version was supposed to disappear forever in 1994. ¬†EVERYONE who saw it on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Amazon, or cable tv (where it was a long time staple due to...

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Big Action Screenwriting

This week, Adam talks about the best non-entertainment podcast for screenwriting ideas and takes a look at an action scene on the page that can easily be improved. Also, he provides a commentary and analysis of a scene from the classic action ¬†flick THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 29:54 — 13.7MB) |...

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