Month: July 2014


Before his comeback with UNFORGIVEN, Clint Eastwood spent the late 1980’s flailing at the box office. Amidst a string of flops and disappointments, we find perhaps the wildest performance of Clint’s career in WHITE HUNTER, BLACK HEART. WHBH is loosely based on director John Huston’s experience filming THE AFRICAN QUEEN. Clint plays “John Wilson” with a flamboyance and verbal affectation that is an imitation of Huston mixed with Peter O’Toole’s director from THE STUNT MAN (a performance in turn patterned on LAWRENCE OF ARABIA director David Lean). If you’re a Clint fan, you’ll definitely appreciate the broad quality of...

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Melissa McCarthy’s TAMMY is a labor of love. She produced the film, stars, and co-wrote with her husband, who directed the film. Despite terrible reviews, TAMMY opened strong on Wednesday for the July 4th weekend–if the film had connected with viewers, it might have had a shot at #1 for the weekend, but audience response was poor. The film got a C+ cinemascore rating (a poll of audience reactions). While C+ may seem acceptable for a math test, it’s bottom of the barrel territory in terms of studio product. Overall, the takeaway is that the movie doesn’t work. But...

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