Month: April 2015

Quick Review: IT FOLLOWS

I went in totally cold to IT FOLLOWS, only having seen some great reviews recognizing it as one of the best horror movies in years. I probably don’t see enough horror to endorse such a broad recommendation but the film is effective and has several jump out of your seat moments. The technical filmmaking is terrific. The director knows how to create tension and scares through cinematography and editing, which is a skill that is completely separate from screenwriting. The best moment comes after our hero has just had sex on a date. He knocks her out with chloroform...

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Adam gives thoughts on the most important thing for writers to do during notes meetings plus quick thoughts on THE EQUALIZER (make your characters smart!) and JUPITER ASCENDING (too much damsel in distress!) Play in new window | Download (Duration: 22:55 — 10.5MB) |...

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