Author: Adam Levenberg

James Cameron’s THE INFORMATIONIST was bound to become a franchise film!

I’m pleasantly surprised to read on DEADLINE that James Cameron is planning on directing Taylor Stevens’ amazing book THE INFORMATIONIST after AVATAR 2. A few years ago, before the book was published, I wrote an analysis (with a bit of plot info thrown in) as to why this book was bound to become a film franchise. Here are my (edited) thoughts. THE INFORMATIONIST features a spectacular female hero in an adventure that is reminiscent of BLOOD DIAMOND, minus any political commentary.  The role of Vanessa “Michael” Munroe provides an actress such as Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, or Angelina Jolie with a character of intense physicality, genius intelligence, and most importantly, a cultural sensitivity that allows her to display unique detective skills in foreign lands.  Vanessa knows 22 languages and through quick observation has the ability to take on whatever identity, class, nationality, or gender the situation calls for. As an “Informationist”, Vanessa is a corporate information collector.  She is hired to travel to developing nations and use whatever means are necessary to discover cultural specifics as well as how the governments actually operate—she identifies who really pulls the levers of power so her clients can determine if they’re interested in pursuing future investments. When Texan oil magnate RICHARD BURBANK offers Vanessa $100,000 for an initial meeting, she learns his daughter EMILY went missing four years earlier during a backpacking...

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