Million dollar screenwriters have teams of agents, managers, producers and studio executives assisting the development of their scripts before and after the sale. For a flat fee, Adam Levenberg will read your script, create a set of notes for discussion, and schedule a 1-2 hour phone conference with no time limit. The consultation is fully customized to you.

We discuss your screenplay from a development perspective (characters, notes, plot), its potential value on today’s spec market, specific ways to improve the material and finally, where you are as a screenwriter.

  • Are there mistakes that make your script fall short of professional?
  • What idea should you write next?
  • And finally: Are you ready for major league literary representation?

If you are, it will happen.

Adam has great relationships with agents, managers, and producers inside the entertainment industry and is happy to send your spec out (with your permission).

Email your script to

Scripts submitted agree to these Terms of Service.


One Script Consultation - $499

Includes thoughts, corrections, and ideas directly on the screenplay PDF, an “Overall Notes” document, and a phone or Skype consultation that usually lasts 1 ½ – 3 hours.

Two Script Consultation - $749

Includes all of the above for two screenplays. Phone consultation may be broken up over two days.

Rewrite Consultation - $299

For returning clients.

Concept consultation - $99

Why spend a year on a script that doesn’t work as a concept? Get Adam’s feedback first! Send up to five pages of notes or a short treatment to discuss in a one-hour conversation. You can also submit loglines or paragraphs on multiple ideas.