Writing Great Loglines

Adam covers loglines. What makes a logline work? Here, he covers some traditional criteria, provides his additional advice on the subject, and gives feedback to listener submitted loglines. (Note, the awful logline discussed near the end has been confirmed to be a joke!)


About Adam Levenberg

Adam Levenberg is author of THE STARTER SCREENPLAY and one of Hollywood’s most in demand screenwriting consultants. As a reader for USA Films (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, TRAFFIC), Adam recommended scripts such as HOLLYWOODLAND and SYLVIA, which were both produced by the studio. After working as a Creative Executive for Intuition Productions (THE STEPFORD WIVES, PASSENGERS), Adam moved on to One Race Films (XXX, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, THE PACIFIER, FIND ME GUILTY, FAST & FURIOUS) where he became the company’s Development Executive.